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Geekdom Needs More Respect, Less Toxicity

I might incur some blowback from this post, but whatever. It's not like I'm the type of person who's opinion is easily swayed by other people's opinions if at all. That's right. The hungry salivating masses of people who don't... Continue Reading →

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A while back, I read in a user's signature on Gaia Online; it read, "Not creating for an artist is like emotional suicide." While it can be debated whether writing in any form is considered being an artist or not;... Continue Reading →

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Another Eastside Story

My adventures in bakeries continues. Today got a little extra interesting since my son's school let out a few days early for spring break due to a major robotics competition at his school. We took him with us. The bakery... Continue Reading →

Food Adventures in Grosse Point Woods

About two weeks ago, I had shared on Facebook about my new little hobby of going around to bakeries to try out their cannoli and other things that interest me. After I shared the one about Mia's Bakery nearby in... Continue Reading →

Wich Wich’in Late Lunchin

Recently we went to the Outback Steakhouse where I tried something called Alice Chicken. Which was a charbroiled chicken breast with bacon, ranch, jack cheese, and honey mustard on it. I like all of these items, but I was skeptical... Continue Reading →

Indulging My Obsession With Cannolis and French Macaron

It's no secret I am a junk food junkie. I love eating sweets. This might catch up to me soon enough seeing as how I'm in my 40's these days. In any case, I recently googled up bakeries selling macarons.... Continue Reading →

To Review or Not to Review

If there was a single thing in life that I am good at; I'd have to say it's writing for sure. In fact, that might be the only thing I'd dare to even label as a talent at all. Really.... Continue Reading →

One Bright Shining Moment Known as La La Land

Back a few weeks ago, I got to go see La La Land for the first time. I went back and saw it on IMAX last week. This film is amazing! Now check it out: I am not yet any... Continue Reading →

Stress and My Recovery From Grief

Let's just start from the top. I am an emotional person. I've always been an emotional person. I will probably just be this way until the day I die. When I feel, I don't just feel. I really feel my... Continue Reading →

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